Wednesday, November 19, 2003

I was so tired this morning and angry (about being tired) that I just splatter-painted the mirrors in my bathroom with toothpaste from my toothbrush. I also splatter-painted Raphael with toothpaste, and then I started laughing. Then I was in a good mood, and ready for work.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

No wonder you guys couldn't get the riddle - I screwed it up! OK, here's the real one:

rich people need it,
poor people have it,
and if you eat it,
you will surely die.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

There's a fast-food chain in California called In-N-Out, where there are like four things on the menu:


Anyway, you can order burger "styles" that aren't on the menu, such as

Protein-style: A beef patty wrapped in lettuce, with no bun
Animal-style: Extra sauce, sauteed onions, and pickles
3x3, 4x4, etc = number of patties & number of pieces of cheese between two buns

I always order a cheeseburger, protein-style, animal-style, and I smother it with catsup. Can you IMAGINE how messy that is? But it SO good.

I'm hungry.

Here's a riddle - try to figure out what "it" is:

rich people have it,
poor people need it,
and if you eat it,
you will surely die.

Friday, October 31, 2003

It's getting hot in here: the view from hell.

In case anyone was wondering, I'm fine, the fingers of the fire haven't touched my neck of the county, and even if they had, I'm two blocks from the ocean, which I figure is a fire-safe zone. Yeah, the only thing that burned near me is the chili I tried to make a few nights ago, which really just added a hickory flavor to the smoke that filled my apartment this week.

On Sunday morning, I woke up to an orange-colored sky. It was very bizarre, like having sunset at 8am. I tried to take a picture off the balcony, but I was too sleepy to change the white balance of my digital camera, so it corrected for the orange light and made the picture look blue against the actual, orange daylight. So, I went back to sleep, something I used to do in college when the dorm fire alarm went off and I felt like I would rather burn than stay awake. A few hours later, the sky was still a bit orange, and when I opened the door to the balcony, I smelled the smoke and saw that the swimming pool outside was covered in black ash. Only then did I realize that something might be wrong.

On Monday, my office was closed, and people were advised to stay off the roads in general. I stared at scenes of burnt/burning neighborhoods on the news and finally left the apartment to get some lunch and check out the scene outside. My car was covered in ashes, and there were large particles flying all around; it was like being at a sunset campfire all-day. But those weren't marshmallows roasting, and there was no escape for the smoke, some of which still hovers not too far overhead.

Tuesday morning, I drove to work early when Raphael drove in, before 9am! We drove through the smoke separately, and since his car doesn't have an air filter, he wore his sweater over his face for most of the drive and looked like a terrorist (is that racist?). The sides of the highways were blackened from the back fires, or whatever they're called (the fires that are created to prevent the real fires from spreading). I went to Costco that same day, and they were handing out air filter masks...

Ok, I'm bored with writing about this. It's a horrible mess, and many people's dreams went up in smoke. I hope everyone can recover from this at some point.

On a lighter note, Raphael and I are escaping for the weekend, for a sort-of family reunion. Actually, one of the members of my extended family is having a Bar Mitzvah in Palm Springs. My Mom assured Raphael that he doesn't have to be Jewish to go to a Bar Mitzvah (he was worried, being Cheyenne and all) but that they'll check at the door to make sure he's circumsized. My Mom is sick.

I'm thinking about buying a mountain bike at REI. I love chocoate. I had a meeting this morning at work, so I put on a nice shirt this morning. My boss told me I looked nice. She wears t-shirts and jeans to work. She wants me. (She's married). I'm usually the one who dresses up as a slut for halloween. I normally wear pretty unflattering clothes because I don't want to attract too much attention to myself, so Halloween is like my one time of year to show off. But this year I'm not dressing up for halloween and I'm not asking fo' any candy cuz I'm sweet enough baby! Dont: go trick-or-treating after the age of 12. Do: buy candy on sale starting November 1st.

Monday, October 13, 2003

It's inevitable that you'll learn more about a person while camping with him/her, just from being exposed to new conditions and circumstances. For example, after being out in the woods for one night, I now know that my boyfriend is a Cheyenne, and that his ancestors were bears.

Friday, October 10, 2003

I admit that I haven't exactly been following the baseball playoffs - at all. In fact, it was recently called to my attention (like a week ago) that the playoffs were happening at all, and that they always happen at this time of year. Maybe it's because I grew up in Boston that the idea of championships just didn't seem to apply to "our kind" after 1986, when we tragically lost to the Mets in the World Series.

But i started to follow the playoff stats since last night, when my brother informed me of the recent success of our home team. So, I looked up the stats for this week, and also noticed that Clemens will be pitching on Saturday - there was a little link with his name, like this: Clemens. You can actually follow that link to see what I was horrified to see... Clemens is no longer playing for the Red Sox! And on top of that, he's pitching against them in the playoffs - how rude. If anything stands out in my mind from growing up three blocks from Fenway Park, it's that Roger Clemens threw like 90 miles an hour or something, and he was a one-man team. Now that I realize he's playing for the Yankees, it just doesn't seem fair. I hope they both lose.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

More French Fun Facts:

A common term used when speaking about sex or sexual intercourse in the French language is "to introduce" someone. That's why, whenever someone says "it gives me great pleasure to introduce [so and so]," French people, at the least the ones that I respect, usually find it hilarious.

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